Department of telugu

The department of Telugu came into existence in 2009. It has the distinction of the Mother Tongue and the language of Telugu speaking people. It enriches the mental illumination of learners at all levels. It is a language of culture and tradition down the ages. It is language that connects people with other regions .The department was first established with a student intake of thirty students. Later, the number rose to sixty students in the next academic year i.e.2010. It regularly conducts seminars and conferences that address the themes in diversity. Further, it conducted them in 2010, 2011 and 2013. In a move to encourage the students, the student seminars were organized in 2011, 2013 and 2015. Folk artists were invited to instil in the students a sort of inspiration towards the folk arts. In 2015, the students were taken to Bammera, Palakurthy and Warangal Fort to create a historical and cultural awareness among the students. The department celebrates the International Mother Language day on 21 February and On August 29; the Language Day is conducted in memory of late Gidugu Ramamurthy to highlight the importance of Telugu Language. Under the contribution of Philanthropist Mr.Muduganti Narasimha Reddy, it felicitated the fifty one Poets in Telugu in 2014 and again twenty one poets in 2015. The specializations offered at M.A. level are Pradeshika Sahityam, Girijana Sahityam, Folklore, Functional Language, Modern Literature, Vachana Kavitha, Katha Sahityam and Telugu as Mass Media. The department is ably supported by the services of qualified faculty whose contributions are significantly recognised in the literary field.