UGC Sanctioned 12B Status No:F.9-8/2010(CPP-I/PU)
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Teaching of sociology began right from the inception of the university in 2008. A full fledged post-graduate department was established with the introduction of M.A. course (Regular). Sociology is not about providing solutions to social problems, but it provides an arena in which society can review their concerns and see how they can manage them of effective quality life. Sociology links rural, urban people with services, resources and opportunities to problem solving for society, sociology is driven not only by careful analysis but also place an outrage at injustice and oppression and a commitment to change.

Since its inception the sociology department has conducted serval activities like seminars, workshops, guest lecturers, PRA field visits, practical works, class room seminars and presentations etc

Karimnagar and other adjoining areas are backward and oppressed for long time before independence and therefore, the people very much need social awareness to be free from rural and urban backwardness. In this connection the M.A. sociology was introduced in the university.