UGC Sanctioned 12B Status No:F.9-8/2010(CPP-I/PU)
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The emblem is designed incorporating the inscriptions on various coins and objects of archeological importance found in the excavations in the district, representing ancient culture of Karimnagar district. Most of the inscriptions are representative of Buddhist culture.

The upper half of the column has six arms, representing the arrow, fish and hooks. This is taken from a coin found in the excavation in the district. Immediately over this, four crescents around a dot are found in a square block. The columns are joined with the Beam in the Gateway with rectangular block containing design of leafless trees. The beam is decorated by bull in the two extremes, neighbored by two beetles. Mayuram-on-hill is atop the Beam. Inside the Gateway, is the symbolic representation of Buddhist principles in the form of Triratna.

All the figures and signs in the emblem are purported to be representing some religious relics of the Satavahana era