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About the Karimnagar District :
The Headquarters of the University is Karimnagar town and as per the University Act, it may be extended to a radius of ten miles. The population and the description of the area are as follows:

Since ancient days Karimnagar has been one of the best cultural centres. The district had a glorious past. The land of Karimnagar ruled by various kings belonging to the dynasties of the Satavahanas, the Chalukyas, the Kakatiyas and the Mughals. The excavations at various places like Pedda Bonkur, Dhulikatta unearthed invaluable relics exemplifying the architectural excellence of the bygone days.

The district is in the throes of rapid development with the harnessing of the Godavari and the Manair through the Sri Ram Sagar Project and an industrial complex at Basanthnagar and Godavarikhani with Kesoram Cement, Singareni Collieries and National Thermal Power Corporation are like a garland in the neck of Karimnagar District.

The district has the distinction of producing illustrious persons in different lines of thought and action like Vemulavada Beemakavi, Seshappa, Veluganddula Narayana, P.V. Narasimha Rao, Vanamamalai Varadacharulu, Dr. C. Narayana Reddy, Juvvadi Goutham Rao, B.S. Narayana, P.T. Reddy, Prof. Ch. Hanumantha Rao, Prof. G. Ram Reddy, Prof. Jaffer Nizam, J. Bapu Reddy, Prof. T. Navaneetha Rao, Velichala Kondala Rao are a few of the names in this long list.

This is the district where the deities Lord Raja Rajeshwara at Vemulavada, Laxminarasimha Swamy at Dharmapuri and Kaleswara Muktishwra at Kaleshwaram, stand on three corners like the sentinels guiding humanity as it were, showering their benign grace with unbounded generosity.

The geographical area of the district is 10,93,010 hectares.  The following table describes some salient features of the district:

Total Population






SC Population


ST Population


Revenue Divisions

05 (Karimnagar, Jagtial,   Peddapalli, Siriclla and Manthani)





Irrigation Project

Sri Ram Sagar Project

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